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Kitzbüheler Radmarathon

GF Felice Gimondi - neue Streckendaten

Am 25. April 2010 startet in Bergamo die 15. Ausgabe des Klassikers. Nach einer exakten GPS Vermessung liegen nun die genauen Streckenlängen und Höhendifferenzen vor.

GF Felice Gimondi - neue Streckendaten

In order to let all athletes face the Felice Gimondi at best, the Organizing Committee has asked engineer Stefano Di Santo (who deals with the cartographies of the Giro d’Italia too) to carry out new measurements of the routes. The results, obtained via GPS, are really interesting.

After a first check about kilometres, he has discovered that all three routes are slightly shorter. Here you can find the new lengths (between brackets the previous datum):

Gran Fondo: 162.1 km (165.3 km)
Medio Fondo: 128.8 km (134.5 km)
Fondo: 89.4 km (93.7 km)

Thanks to modern technologies, he has succeeded in calculating the real kilometres basing on roads, and not, as happened fifteen years ago, on arbitral points of reference placed in towns (for example, town halls).

About the differences in height of the routes, cyclists have at their disposal partial data (based on each climb) and total ones (counting all important tracts, such as false plains, bridges, etc.). New data:

Gran Fondo: difference in height: 2479 m, 48.8 km climb. (Total difference: 3.050 m)

Medio Fondo: difference in height: 1623 m, 33.4 km climb. (Total difference: 2.100 m)

Fondo: difference in height: 1209 m, 23.1 km climb. (Total difference: 1.400 m)

With these up-to-date altimetries, planimetries and timetables (downloadable from the official website www.felicegimondi.com), on Sunday, 25th April you can’t help cycling…

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