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Colnago Cyling Festival

UCI World Cycling Tour Final Trento 2013

Weltmeisterschaften der Masters und Amateure - 5x Gold an Italien und USA beim Strassenrennen - Doris Posch (AUT) und Matej Lovse (SLO) gewinnen das Zeitfahren.

Start Gran Fondo im Zentrum von Trento (Bild: Newspower.it)

Start Gran Fondo im Zentrum von Trento (Bild: Newspower.it)

Trento and Monte Bondone closed the UWCT Final 2013 in Italy - Five golds to Italy and five to the US Team at the road race - Schweizer (SUI), Ciuffini (ITA), Karlsson (SWE) and Shea (USA) clocked best times of the day - A thousand of athletes from all over the world gathered in Trentino region.

Italy and United States scored five golds each at the eventual road race. Italy is also the winner of the overall medal standings (5 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze). Today’s road race closed the UWCT Final 2013 event in Trentino region (Italy) and Italians and Americans showed amazing skills along the 112k (Granfondo) and 60k (Mediofondo) courses, both kicking off in Trento city center and finishing at the end of the terrific Monte Bondone uphill. This uphill is also called "Charly Gaul Climb" (here Gaul won an epic Giro leg in 1956), an 18k long steep uphill that reaches the finish line after 38 hairpin turns and the steepest section at 17% grade.

Around a thousand of cyclists from the five continents gathered this morning in Trento main square, ready to battle it out and wear one of the so-called Masters rainbow jerseys. Possibly, of course.

Checking today’s overall standings (based on the real timings) the winners are Jan Karlsson of Sweden and Marti Shea of the US in the medium route, and Andreas Schweizer of Switzerland and Italy’s Chiara Ciuffini in the long route. However, each age group eventually crowned its own gold, silver and bronze medallists.

The whole event was broadcast live on RAI Sport channel from 7.55am to 1pm and the highlight will get on tonight at 8pm and tomorrow at 5pm.

Granfondo Men:

1 Schweizer Andreas Sui 03:30:18.60; 2 Hornetz Bernd Ger 03:30:45.61; 3 Lovse Matej Slo 03:34:07.66; 4 Borrelli Antonio Ita 03:34:18.64; 5 Nicoletti Stefano Ita 03:34:33.28; 6 Kairelis Dainius Lth 03:34:56.86; 7 Eskov Nikita Rus 03:35:01.08; 8 Glorieux Frederic Bel 03:35:13.15; 9 Houben Kristof Bel 03:36:06.68; 10 De Vecchi David Fra 03:36:18.10

Granfondo Women:

1 Ciuffini Chiara Ita 03:59:45.65; 2 Pynnönen Riikka Fin 04:00:07.64; 3 Jones Alison Can 04:01:43.70; 4 Perry Anne Usa 04:04:26.28; 5 Posch Doris Aut 04:04:56.20; 6 Saysset Karine Fra 04:08:51.85; 7 Van Der Moeren Ils Bel 04:08:58.46; 8 De Beus Margriet Ned 04:09:22.80; 9 Van Houweling Molly Usa 04:09:58.00; 10 Gulic Teja Slo 04:10:13.68

Mediofondo Men:

1 Karlsson Jan Swe 02:25:06.87; 2 Kasal Jiri Cze 02:25:09.62; 3 Hrinkow Gerhard Aut 02:25:10.61; 4 Macciocu Bruno Ita 02:25:20.03; 5 Christoffersen Kaare Nor 02:25:21.65; 6 Schalk Josef Aut 02:30:01.43; 7 Novak Lubomir Cze 02:30:06.81; 8 Fattori Paolo Ita 02:30:43.12; 9 Martignoni Ermanno Ita 02:32:39.55; 10 Bolpagni Francesco Ita 02:34:33.34

Mediofondo Women:

1 Shea Marti Usa 02:29:38.03; 2 Cutts Julie Usa 02:31:22.67; 3 Felici Milena Ita 02:32:10.56; 4 Osipova Marina Rus 02:33:42.38; 5 Slawta Jennifer Usa 02:36:22.47; 6 Magness Lisa Usa 02:36:59.25; 7 Ventura Anna Maria Ita 02:37:55.27; 8 Harnett Sara Nzl 02:39:27.50; 9 Kern Marianne Sui 02:39:37.24; 10 Eiler Linda Ger 02:40:00.13

Time Trial: Slovenian Lovse and Austrian Posch faster than anyone else
500 participants and six different nations on the overall podiums.
Cavedine, Valle dei Laghi (Italy): the UWCT Final 2013, currently underway in Trentino region (North-Eastern Italy), assigned the first medals today. After the exciting Team Relay test-event that took place in Trento city center last night, today it has been time for a thrilling time trial event not far from Trento, along a spectacular 24k course around Cavedine lake.

Austria's Doris Posch won the female race and set a time none of the following girls could match: 39 minutes, 57.57 seconds. American Julie Cutts claimed silver and Canadian Alison Jones was third in a time of 41 mins and 25.15 secs. The super favorite and reigning world champion Molly Van Houweling (USA) finished fourth. "It was a very technical and tactical course today – said Posch at the end of her race – a little bit of flat, an exciting downhill and the eventual uphill was nothing but easy."

Matej Lovse of Slovenia dominated the male race and seized the gold medal timing 35 minutes and 18.08 seconds. Andreas Schweizer of Switzerland came in second, over 5 secs late, while young Dane Martin Toft Madsen claimed bronze.

"I did like this course – claimed an happy Lovse – it was quite hard and you had to be cautious and determined at the same time all the way through. The initial downhill was a bit scary, I admit it. My power was good though and I am very happy with my ride".

Overall standings - Men

1. Lovse Matej M30-34 SLO 00:35:18.08; 2. Schweizer Andreas M30-34 SUI 00:35:21.81; 3. Madsen Martin Toft M16-29 DEN 00:35:23.54; 4. Tekavec Gregor M35-39 SLO 00:35:28.38; 5. Kopse Igor M35-39 SLO 00:35:34.78; 6. Feldman Richard M40-44 USA 00:35:47.43; 7. Nunes Robert M45-49 CRC 00:35:47.83; 8. Koller Anton M30-34 GER 00:35:56.10; 9. Nicoletti Stefano M45-49 ITA 00:36:06.07; 10. Grazia Massimiliano M30-34 ITA 00:36:16.45

Overall standings - Women

1. Posch Doris F40-44 AUT 00:39:57.57; 2. Cutts Julie F45-49 USA 00:41:00.95; 3. Jones Alison F35-39 CAN 00:41:25.15; 4. Van Houweling Molly F40-44 USA 00:41:52.29; 5. Thornquist Amy F40-44 USA 00:42:18.26; 6. Morrison Sarah F35-39 NZL 00:42:31.99; 7. Shea Marti F50-54 USA 00:42:39.57; 8. Jagodic Andreja F35-39 SLO 00:42:46.61; 9. Pynnönen Riikka F30-34 FIN 00:43:13.74; 10. Vien Sissel F50-54 NOR 00:43:23.49

Full results

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