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Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling Race 23.-24.8.2014

Radprofi Sylvain Chavanel, dreimaliger Etappengewinner der Tour de France, wird am legendären Bugatti Circuit den Startschuß geben. Anmeldungen zur 6. Ausgabe sind noch bis 21. Juli möglich.

24h-Race für Solofahrer, 2er-, 4er-, 6er- oder 8er-Teams auf 4,2 km Rundkurs

24h-Race für Solofahrer, 2er-, 4er-, 6er- oder 8er-Teams auf 4,2 km Rundkurs


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Succeeding the Irish champion Stephen Roche, Sylvain Chavanel will give the start of the Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling 6th edition on August 24 in Sarthe. The typical "Le Mans" starting is a highlight of the weekend, colorful and emotional with the anthems ceremony.

Coming from France or abroad, contestants will have the opportunity to meet in the paddock one of the best professional cyclists still active. Winner of three stages of the Tour de France, time trial’s world champion by team and fivefold French winner of time trial, he evolves with Switzerland IAM Cycling team.

More than 2,000 riders are expected in Le Mans to enjoy the exceptional covering of the Bugatti circuit. Used for multiple events, car, motorcycle, truck or roller skate, the track offers an efficiency and comfort incomparable to our campaign roads.

You want to participate to the 2014 Le Mans 24 Hours Cycling? This cyclosportive race is open to all with team of 2, 4, 6 or 8 riders but also as a soloist. Registration is open until July 21st on www.24heuresvelo.fr.

Watch the official video trailer:

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